Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Your Head 6/02/10

We opened the show with Violent J of the ICP. Topics discussed:
- JCW Juggalo Championship Wrestling's nation wide Happy Daze Tour
- JCW lack of media coverage
- Juggalos as fans and their acceptance of others
- Favorite cities
- Corporal Robinson, Weedman and Mad Man Pondo
- Slam TV on Youtube
- Butterbean
- working with Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Tracy Smothers, DDP and other legends
- Flashlight wrestling
- Violent JJ vs Colby Corino dream match
- Tons check on Happy Daze and The Gathering dates please visit:

We followed up with Kevin Kleinrock:
- Viva La Lucha on PPV starting June 11th
- LA Park, Sabu, Hijo De Rey Misterio and others
- The future plans of the show
- Larry Rivera and GQ Money on commentary
- Spanish and English commentary
- Masked Republic's merchandise
- For more information on Viva La Lucha please visit:

In the post show Jack, Incher and Barbie took some calls and discussed:
- NXT's season 1 finale
- NXT season 2 rookies
- RAW with Ashton Kutcher
- Kutcher not even being there
- Evan Bourne's main event push
- Santino with Eve
- Bryan Danielson vs Michael Cole saga
- Eric Bischoff's Twitter
- Hogan's back surgery
- Ric Flair vs Greg Price
- Half Pint Brawler's debut
- TNA Impact's camera work
- Edge needing to be back on the roids
- Jack's inuagural "Total Fag of the Week"

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