Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Your Head 10/28/09

We had total nonstop Hulkamania talk on this show. We asked everyone their opinion on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming to TNA. We also talked about the upcoming Turning Point PPV, WWE Bragging Rights, Shane McMahon, Desmond Wolf debuting in TNA, Terry Funk roast, Mickie James going into country music rumors, new giants coming to WWE and a bunch more !!! Cross the Hulkamania line with this total nonstop Hulkamania edition of IYH !!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Your Head 10/21/09

We were joined by Hollywood of Wrestlicious and formerly of G.L.O.W. WE went over her time in GLOW, her experiences with male wrestling fans, her training with Mando Guerrero and much more including the new Wrestlicious program !! For more information on Wrestlicious please visit:

In the post show we went over Shane McMahon leaving WWE, Nigel McGuiness signing with TNA, the upcoming Bragging Rights PPV and the changes to the main event, TNA Bound For Glory and Jack quits the show.

In the final segment we had a Fever vs IYH for Bragging Rights trivia showdown between OIB and Buck !! Check out this historic episode now !!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Your Head 10/14/09

We were joined by Mr. Wonderful Rock Riddle for an amazing 2 hour interview !!! We covered many topics in the illustrious career of the one and only Rock Riddle. We can not begin to explain it in text, it must be heard to be believed.

In the post show Jack and Incher took some calls and talked about RAW, iMPACT, PPV name changes, ECW, Snoop Dogg, Diva trades and all sorts of madness so check it out !!!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Your Head 10/07/09

We were joined by The Nature Boy Buddy Landel. We went over the recent Ric Flair news over the title. We also talked about working with Magnum TA, The Iron Sheik, Bill Watts, The Crocketts, Jim Cornette and much more. Buddy also talked about his upcoming appearances including the NWA Legends Booth at the Legends of the Ring in Monroe, NJ October 24th for more information please visit:

In the preshow we talked about RAW and the Hell In A Cell PPV with Legacy vs DX, John Cena vs Randy Orton and Undertaker vs CM Punk. In the post show we talked about the dress code, TNA iMPACT, Dennis Miller, Kramer, Big Ben on RAW, DX vs Jerishow, Joe spoiler over the X Division title, The Pope and a whole lot more so check it out !!!!

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