Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Your Head 2/22/08

In this special Friday Edition of IYH we were joined by D-Ray 3000. We went over D-Ray's training under Wild Samoan Sika, wrestling for TNA, teaming with Sharkboy, facing MVP on Smackdown as the Ethiopian Champion, 6 sided vs 4 sided rings, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Great Muta and much more. We also talked to D-Ray about comic books, comedy wrestling, his afro and basically just had a lot of fun.

For more information on D-Ray please visit:

In the post show we went over TNA Impact, Monday Night RAW, Smackdown, the upcoming Lockdown PPV, Wrestlemania's build up and much more. So listen now !!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Your Head 2/20/08

TNA Knockout Traci Brooks was our guest tonight. We went over the current TNA Knockout Division, ODB, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Angelina Love, Socal Val and how happy she is with it's success so far. Her start in TNA, cage dancing, Catholic School girl outfits. Working with Robert Roode, Eric Young, Shane Douglas and more. Her influences growing up as a fan like Ricky Steamboat and Miss Elizabeth. For more information on Traci and TNA please visit:

For more information on seeing Traci Brooks and many other TNA stars and wrestling legends including Gail Kim, Kaz, Christy Hemme, Honky Tonk Man, Bret Hart, Harley Race, RVD, Greg Valentine, U-Gene, Chris Masters, Talia Madison, Tito Santana, Dr Death Steve Williams, The Godfather, Jim Neidhardt and many more please visit:

In the pre and post show the IYH crew went over Ric Flair's position at Mania, Cena va HHH vs Orton, Cena's new t-shirt and much more about RAW. We also went over Curry Man, Impact and TNA's upcoming PPV's. Maria posing for Playboy along with many on and off topics discussions.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Your Head 2/13/08

In the preshow The IYH Crew went over RAW, TNA Impact, Jakks losing WWE action figures and gaining TNA and much more.

We were then joined by TNA Knockout ODB. We went over her early career in OVW, who influenced her growing up and in wrestling, her debut for TNA, Shimmer, Awesome Kong, what is in her flask, the dirty dozen, TNA's Knockout Division, TNA Against All Odds and much more.

In the 2nd hour we were joined by RVD. We had a 90 minute interview with RVD who over his new venture RVDTV. We also talked about the original ECW, the new ECW, his stance on the Wellness Policy, his style, injuries, MMA and so much more. For more information on how you can watch RVDTV please visit:

Rob will also be attending the BTW Wrestlefest March 1
at the Newark Pavilion in Newark, CA. For more information please visit:

Both ODB and RVD will also be attending the NWA Legends Fanfest this August in Charlotte, NC. For information on tickets please visit:

In a quick post show the Crew went over a few topics and Incher gave some of his legendary impersonations. Whatcha waitin for ? Download the show already !!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Your Head 2/6/08

In the first hour we were joined by "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera. We went over his start in wrestling, his ECW days, his WCW career, the Mexicools run in WWE, his short TNA stay, his recent return to Mexico and his plans for the future. We also talked about his upcoming plans for a wrestling school and his new musical career. For more information on Juvi, and where to buy Juvi merchandise including masks, jerseys, shirts and his soon to be released music please visit:

In the 2nd hour we were joined by "The Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez. We went over Manny's career. From his start in wrestling, stretching and being stretched, Bruiser Brody, Rick Rude, Dusty Rhodes, Thunderbolt Patterson, Boogie Woogie Man, Wahoo McDaniels, the Crockets, AWA, Greg Gagne and much more. His thoughts on Ric Flair, George South, some co-called Christians in wrestling, wrestling schools, the current product and so much more including his thoughts on giving back to the business. For more information on Manny and how to go about being trained by him for wrestling or MMA please visit:

In the post show the IYH Crew went over RAW, ECW, TNA Impact and went off on a tirade !! So listen now !!!

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