Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Your Head 3/24/10

In the preshow we went over TNA Impact including Ric Flair in a wheel chair, Hulk Hogan's magic ring with Abyss and RVD & Hardy vs Beer Money. We reviewed RAW including the Batista vs Cena promo and Bret The Hitman Hart.

Then came the monumental return of George South. George went over many topics in this 3 hour epic interview. Topics included his Wrestlemania predictions, The Taker Streak, training Richie Steamboat & Reid Flair, the secret handshake, Crockett Era NWA and so much more even his opinion on the Big Blue Cage debate !!

In the post show we went over our Wrestlemania Predictions !!! Listen to this 4 1/2 hour mega edition of IYH !!!

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In Your Head 3/21/10

Jack and the Incher ran down the PPV match by match right after it ended !!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Your Head 03/17/10

We were joined Kevin Kelly who went over his return to wrestling commentary for ROH's Big Bang PPV. We talked about the card, Jim Cornette's influence and their history and ROH's debut in Charlotte. We also talked about his time with WWE, his thoughts on the Monday Night Wars 2010, current commentators and tons more. 2 hours of Kevin Kelly !!

Charlotte, NC- April 3rd ''The Big Bang!'' Saturday, April 03, 2010. For information on purchasing please visit:

For more information on ISPWMAnia on March 27th in Freehold, NJ at the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility please visit:

In the first hour we went over RAW vs Impact. Including the build for Mania, Steve Austin, Sheamus vs Evan Bourne, Batista being cut open, the blood on Impact, Ric Flair and AJ Styles, Hall and Nash and much more.

In the post show we took many calls and talked about tons of topics !!! 4 freaking hours of IYH !!! Listen now you fools !!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Your Head 03/10/10

We were joined by Phill Shatter, the current NWA National Champion, and star of The Hardy Show. We talked about The Hardy Show including Jeff & Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms and Kimo. We also talked about TNA and it's move to Monday Nights. We went over NWA New Beginnings including Tully Blanchard's advice and his upcoming world title match with Blue Demon and Adam Pearce.

Official Hardy Show Website
NWA New Beginnings Website

In the 2nd half of the show the IYH Crew took many calls and went over The Monday Night Wars 2010 TNA Impact vs WWE RAW. We discussed which show we liked better, the plusses and minuses, the build to Mania, Hogan & Flair, debuts of RVD & return of Sting and much more.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Your Head 3/03/10

The In Your Head crew ran down the news in wrestling but this time in a Steel Cage!!! We talked about all the firings in WWE, TNA moving to Monday Nights, Abyss and AJ silly gimmicks, Mr. Anderson being a good pick up for TNA! Carol and his Golden Ticket! Jai strange obsession with Shawn Michael’s. All this on In Your Head Online, …. Dot Com.

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