Friday, July 16, 2010

In Your Head 7/14/10

We opened the show with Ray Rougeau. Topics include:
- His father smartening him up to the business.
- The Rougeau Family.
- French Canadians being heels in the rest of Canada.
- The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.
- Pat Patterson.
- Vince McMahon.
- Working with The Hart Foundation, Iron Sheik, Bulldogs, Garvin Brothers, Rockers, Dream team & More.
- The infamous story of Jacques and Dynamite Kid's fight.
- His days as a play by play man.
- Renee Dupree, Daivari, PCO, TNA and tons more !!

We followed up with a true legend in professional wrestling Danny Hodge. Topics included:
- His shoot moves.
- Fans winning $5,000 if they could last 3 minutes.
- The Assassin.
- Skandar Akbar.
- Jim Ross inducting him into the Hall of Heros
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

In the post show the IYH Crew went over the week in rasslin'.
- NXT Season 2
- TNA Victory Road
- ECW invasion of TNA
- JR being punished over being at a UFC fight
- Jerry Lawler suing Corey Maclin
- Shane McMahon bringing cricket to USA
- HHH or Cena being rumored to lead the Nexus
- Tons more plus OIB's breakdown !!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Your Head 7/07/10

We were joined by Tommy Young at the beginning of the 2nd hour. Topics in this nearly 3 hour interview included:
- his "flying" style
- Jim Cornette and Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express
- Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat matches
- Ricky Steamboat's condition
- The Dragon DVD
- Jackie Crockett call-in
- His career ending injury in a match with Tommy Rich
- Stan Hansen, Greg Valentine, Rick Steiner, Vader, Dr Death, Manny Fernandez and tons of other workers
- WWE's NWA angle
- Chris Benoit
- Ric Flair "pooping" his pants in the ring
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

Topics in the rest of the show with the IYH Crew and callers included:
- Nexus vs John Cena
- Velvet Sky's pay in TNA
- thoughts on a Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan TNA title reign
- The NWA Fanfest
- Jay Lethal's progression
- Rock's new films
- Wrestlers' love for UFC
- NXT Season 2 and the promo contest
- Husky Harris
- More drunken Jai phone call clips
- Tons more !!!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Your Head 6/30/10

We opened the show and recapped RAW, then we were joined by Harley Race, topics discussed:

- Terry Funk vs. Dory Funk in the ring
- Johnny Valentine
- CM Punk
- Hulk Hogan
- Cage matches
- Car Trips
- Bruno Sammartino
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please


In the post show we took many calls and talked about the week in rasslin, topics include:
- Nexus beat down on the legends
- Ricky Steamboat's DVD
- Matt Striker's commentary on a Flair Steamboat match
- Abraham Washington as GM
- Hulk Hogan's back troubles
- TNA Impact
- Half Pint Brawlers
- Ed Ferrara firing from TNA
- Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett being deported
- 1st clip of the infamous drunken Jai call and tons more !!!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Your Head 6/23/10

We took calls all show and talked about many subjects before being joined by the new RAW GM for an exlusive interview. Topics include:
- NXT season 1 becoming the Nexus
- Fatal 4 Way PPV recap
- Rey Mysterio and Sheamus winning the titles
- Alicia Fox as new Diva's champ
- Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal woo off from iMPACT
- Matt Striker referencing the Jumping Bomb Angels and King and Cole's response
- NXT season 2 hopefuls
- Half Pint Brawlers
- Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair wrestling on upcoming PPV
- Abyss heel turn
- Desmond Wolfe being replaced by Kaz
- 4 hours of TNA starting soon
- Bret Hart leaving WWE
- Jim Ross at Fanfest
- Vince's beat down by the NXT invasion
- ECW invasion coming to TNA
- Savannah fired from WWE
- Owen's widow Martha's lawsuit against WWE
- Tons more so check it out !!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Your Head 6/16/10

The IYH Crew took calls and talked about tons of topics including:
- Bryan Danielson's firing from WWE over choking, and if it's a work or not
- NXT invasion
- TNA Slammiversary PPV recap
- women's wrestling in TNA and WWE
- NXT season 2
- Roxxi and ODB leaving TNA
- Half Pint Brawlers
- RAW this week and the guest host
- upcoming guest hosts of RAW
- world affairs with President Clinton
- Lacey Von Erich posing topless
- John Cena's lack of selling the NXT Invasion
- Scott Hall's firing and stripping of the tag belts of The Band
- Tons more !!!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Your Head 6/09/10

We opened the show with the return of Tully Blanchard. Topics included:
- I Quit Match with Magnum TA
- 1st Blood Match with Dusty Rhodes
- Crockett Cup Tournaments
- JJ Dillon's role with the Horsemen
- Horsemen reunion on 2009 Fanfest
- wrestling psychology
- Wahoo McDaniel
- Dory vs Terry Funk
- his father Joe Blanchard
- Johnny Valentine
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

In the 2nd half we took calls and discussed:
- Jack's stance on steroids
- NXT Invasion on RAW
- NXT Season 2
- A-Team on RAW
- TNA Slammiversary PPV line up
- RVD as champion
- Jack meeting the Fink at the Conan O'Brien Tour
- Fanfest news
- Much more including some talk not suitable for all ages..

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Your Head 6/02/10

We opened the show with Violent J of the ICP. Topics discussed:
- JCW Juggalo Championship Wrestling's nation wide Happy Daze Tour
- JCW lack of media coverage
- Juggalos as fans and their acceptance of others
- Favorite cities
- Corporal Robinson, Weedman and Mad Man Pondo
- Slam TV on Youtube
- Butterbean
- working with Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Tracy Smothers, DDP and other legends
- Flashlight wrestling
- Violent JJ vs Colby Corino dream match
- Tons check on Happy Daze and The Gathering dates please visit:

We followed up with Kevin Kleinrock:
- Viva La Lucha on PPV starting June 11th
- LA Park, Sabu, Hijo De Rey Misterio and others
- The future plans of the show
- Larry Rivera and GQ Money on commentary
- Spanish and English commentary
- Masked Republic's merchandise
- For more information on Viva La Lucha please visit:

In the post show Jack, Incher and Barbie took some calls and discussed:
- NXT's season 1 finale
- NXT season 2 rookies
- RAW with Ashton Kutcher
- Kutcher not even being there
- Evan Bourne's main event push
- Santino with Eve
- Bryan Danielson vs Michael Cole saga
- Eric Bischoff's Twitter
- Hogan's back surgery
- Ric Flair vs Greg Price
- Half Pint Brawler's debut
- TNA Impact's camera work
- Edge needing to be back on the roids
- Jack's inuagural "Total Fag of the Week"

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