Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In Your Head 12/26/07

The final edition of IYH for 2007. The Crew went over the last week in wrestling including infamous TNA Impact Christmas Special, Tribute to the Troops, Best of ECW and much more. We also took many calls and talked about what females we find attractive in wrestling and so much more !!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Your Head 12/19/07

We were joined by Kevin Kleinrock, creator and producer of Wrestling Society X. We went over the new WSX complete season 4 disc DVD boxed set. We also talked about MTV, TNA, WWE, ECW including the infamous XPW invasion PPV incident. Matt Classic, Pogo The Clown, Rob Black, Teddy Hart, Homeless Jimmy, Vampiro, X-Pac, Vic Grimes, and so many more names including Negro Claus ?!?! We went over many XPW memories, WSX moments and plans they had for a second season and much more in this over 90 minute interview.

In the post show we talked about RAW, ECW, The Major Brothers as Edge Clones and the Armageddon PPV. We were joined by guest co-host XJasonX, and we picked the #'s for the first week of the 3rd annual Royal Rumble Contest.

All this and too much more to listen now !!!

For more information on WSX, XPW and many other great DVD's by Big Vision Entertainment please visit:

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Your Head 12/12/07

On the show today we went over Raw last Monday which was the 15th anniversary of Monday Night Raw. Went over virtually all the angles on the show then we brought on Riren to run down the ROH Man Up PPV. Call ins by El Santo, Duckman, Brian Jones listen now. Jack couldn’t attend the show cause of back problems, we wish him a speedy recovery. .

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

In Your Head 12/05/07

We were joined by Shawn Stasiak. We went over his new documentary "Determined" which is available now on DVD. We talked about his time in WWE and WCW, a possible return to wrestling, his father Stan the Man Stasiak, his beliefs and much more. To purchase the DVD please visit:

For information on Stasiak please email or visit: Coming Soon !!

We also went over the TNA Turning Point PPV. Including Feast or Fired, and the Scott Hall no show and our opinions on how it was handled and if it was a work or shoot. We also went over RAW, Impact, Awesome Kong, ODB, Carlito leaving WWE, Wrestlemania plans and our thoughts on Chris Jericho's return. All this and much more including some stereotypical HHH bashing.

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