Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Your Head 4/28/10

We opened the show with Ryan Shamrock aka Alicia Webb. Topics included:
- Her start in wrestling, and what she feels about it
- working for WWF
- The Undertaker licking her leg
- being "sacrificed" on RAW
- Luna Vachon
- Chyna and HHH not liking her
- Ken Shamrock and incest angle rumors
- Val Venis and his movies
- Vince Russo
- going to WCW
- Symphony with Maestro
- Lizzy Valentine
- X-Pac
- AAA in Mexico
- Juvi incident including Waltman crapping in his bag
- Shawn Michaels in Playgirl and tons more !!

In the 2nd half we took calls and went over the week in rasslin including:
- WWE Extreme Rules PPV
- Jim Ross TNA rumors
- Shelton Benjamin, Mike Knoxx, Funaki, Mickie James and Jimmy Yang firings
- TNA Impact
- Ric Flair vs Abyss
- Hulk Hogan and his HOF ring angle with Flair
- AJ Styles vs RVD
- The Draft and who went where
- Ted Dibiase looking for his new Virgil
- Tons more !!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Your Head 04/21/10

We opened the show with Kimberly Page, topics included:
- breast implants
- The Nitro Girls
- DJ Ran
- Vince Russo
- The Booty Babe
- YRG and the upcoming YRG session at Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest this June 4th and 5th in Atlanta, Ga. For more information please visit:

We were then joined by Colin Delaney. Topics include:
- ECW Arena
- ECW with WWE
- working with Tommy Dreamer
- Mike Knox and Khali knocking him out
- KFC Double Down
- Chikara DVD art
- The upcoming King of Trios this weekend April 23rd, 24th and 25th at the ECW Arema in Philadelphia, Pa. for more information please visit:

We were then joined by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Topics include:
- His retirement tour
- George South
- the lost art of the promo, and pyschology
- WWE Pick Your Poison DVD
- His involvement with the Attitude Era and Austin 3:16
- His upcoming match with George South for All Star Wrestling Alliance in Lexington, NC. May 8th. For more information please visit:

In the closing of the show Jack, Incher and Barb went over the week in wrestling. Topics include:
- MacGruber cast hosting
- Jack at Smackdown
- TNA Lockdown PPV
- Anderson vs Angle
- RVD's title win
- Jim Ross, Heyman and Tommy Dreamer TNA rumors
- Vince Russo being burnt out
- Samoa Joe's return
- Jai's continued love of HBK
- Tons more !!!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Your Head 04/14/10

We opened with X-Pac Sean Waltman in a wild 2 hour interview. Topics included:
- 1-2-3 Kid run
- Razor Ramon
- Steroids and drugs in wrestling
- Juventud Guerrera and the Mexico incident
- NWO and ebing pelted with garbage
- DX and the most recent PG rated DX
- Kevin Nash and Scott Hall
- Lockdown PPV this weekend
- RVD and Jeff Hardy
- "The Band"
- Tons more !!

In the post show we went over the week in wrestling including:
- Monday Night RAW
- The Hoff guest hosting
- Show-Miz vs Hart Dynasty & Bret Hart
- Eve winning the gold
- TNA Impact
- Wheel Chair Flair
- Abyss being run over
- The Knockout Division's current direction
- Fireball on Jeff Hardy
- TNA REaction
- The Band vs Team 3D & Jesse Neal
- NXT being cancelled
- The Bry vs Regal
- Smackdown's move to SyFy
- Wrestlicious
- Much much more !!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Your Head 4/07/10

IYH turned 5 years old. We took calls from all the fans to talk about their favorites moments from the last 5 years of the show. Surprise callers included Wrestleview's Adam Martin and XPW's Kaos. For information on Kaos's wrestling school and the upcoming Dynamite D Tribute show please visit:

We also covered the "Monday Night Wars '10" between Impact and RAW and much more. Topics include:
- Anderson vs Angle in the ladder match & Angle's dangerous bump
- Karen Angle's engagement to Jeff Jarrett
- NXT and Incher love for the keg carrying contest
- The Locked Box Challenge on Impact
- Otunga on RAW
- Kanyon's Passing
- Mortis and if the character could have been bigger
- Carroll Crockett Cup news
- ROH Big Bang
- Jack's big announcement concerning his future

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Your Head 3/31/10

In the preshow we talked about RAW vs Impact and Ric Flair apparently going off on Orlando Jordan's white boy.

We were then joined by Sid Vicious. We talked to his son Gunnar about the Lord Humongus gimmick. We talked about local wrestling. We talked about Scott Hall, WWE, TNA and more.

In the post show we took many calls and talked all about Wrestlemania, TNA and RAW.

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