Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Your Head 04/21/10

We opened the show with Kimberly Page, topics included:
- breast implants
- The Nitro Girls
- DJ Ran
- Vince Russo
- The Booty Babe
- YRG and the upcoming YRG session at Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest this June 4th and 5th in Atlanta, Ga. For more information please visit:

We were then joined by Colin Delaney. Topics include:
- ECW Arena
- ECW with WWE
- working with Tommy Dreamer
- Mike Knox and Khali knocking him out
- KFC Double Down
- Chikara DVD art
- The upcoming King of Trios this weekend April 23rd, 24th and 25th at the ECW Arema in Philadelphia, Pa. for more information please visit:

We were then joined by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Topics include:
- His retirement tour
- George South
- the lost art of the promo, and pyschology
- WWE Pick Your Poison DVD
- His involvement with the Attitude Era and Austin 3:16
- His upcoming match with George South for All Star Wrestling Alliance in Lexington, NC. May 8th. For more information please visit:

In the closing of the show Jack, Incher and Barb went over the week in wrestling. Topics include:
- MacGruber cast hosting
- Jack at Smackdown
- TNA Lockdown PPV
- Anderson vs Angle
- RVD's title win
- Jim Ross, Heyman and Tommy Dreamer TNA rumors
- Vince Russo being burnt out
- Samoa Joe's return
- Jai's continued love of HBK
- Tons more !!!

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