Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Your Head 12/30/09

We opened the show with Shannon Moore of The Hardy Show. We talked about his time in WCW as part of 3 Count, Tank Abbott stories and working with Jimmy Hart. His tattoos, filming the Hardy Show, ECW, Smackdown, Paul Heyman, WWE, TNA and tons more.

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In the post show we went over RAW with Sheamus vs Cena, HBK and Vince promo teasing Bret Hart and DX vs Jerishow. We took many calls and got all the fan's New Year's Resolutions and Rumble predictions. We also talked about the upcoming January 4th RAW vs iMPACT we're all looking forward to. Other topics include the passing of Dr Death Steve Williams, Young Bucks going to TNA, Charlie Haas ideas, Kip James and Cody Deaner leaving TNA and much more !! Check it out now !!!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

In Your Head 12/23/09

We opened the show with Danny Doring. We went over highlights of ECW including the ECW Arena, tagging with Road Kill, facing Nunzio, injuries, closing of ECW, training in the House of Hardcore and much more. We also talked about the current product, TNA and took some crazy calls. Danny put out an open challenge to the cast of Jersey Shore to show up at the weekend wrestling event for ISPW.

ISPW's Seasons Beatings on December 26th in Freehold, NJ at the 3-2 Count Athletic Training Facility:

Doring will be a part of the Money in The Bank Ladder Match at ISPW Seasons Beatings next Saturday night, December 26th, in Freehold NJ at the ISPW Arena against Crowbar, Ace Darling, Danny Inferno, Chase Del Monte, and Nunzio.

Sunny, The Original Diva of the WWE, will be the Special Guest Host of Seasons Beatings, which also features: Judas Young defending his ISPW World Heavyweight Title against Rob Eckos, former WWE Superstar Vito vs. "The Midnight Idol" Nicky Benz in a Loser Wears A Dress Match, Matt Logan vs. Bryan Logan, ISPW General Manager "Mr. Personality" Nicholas Nice vs. Baby Hughie, former ROH Tag Team Champion and WWC Superstar Ricky Reyes vs. "The Escort" Erik Andretti, and ISPW ring announcer Ean Levy being inducted into the ISPW Hall of Fame.

Tickets are $18.00 Golden Ringside and $12.00 General Admission and are available now on or by calling the ISPW Box Office at (732) 409-1132.

You can also follow ISPW on Twitter at and on Facebook at

You can also contact ISPW at

In the 2nd half of the show we went over RAW with Little People's Court, a homosexual Sgt Slaughter vignette and Johnny Damon. We talked about ECW with the Abraham Washington Show and Yoshi vs Jack Swagger. We discussed the TNA Final Resolution PPV and all the big news regarding TNA's January 4th show. Plus Tommy Dreamer leaving WWE, The NWO coming to TNA and tons more !!!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Your Head 12/16/09

Eli Scrubbs makes his radio debut on the show. In Your Head crew runs down the week in wrestling going over subjects as the TLC PPV from this week end, DX vs Jeri Show, Undertaker vs Batista, New Heavy weight champion Shamus. Also discussed Monday Night Raw with guest host Dennis Miller, how did Dennis do. Shawn Michael’s challenging Undertaker to a rematch at Wrestle Mania 26. Possible Bret Hart return to WWE for three months.

The IYH interrogator called in and the crew nearly survived. Then on to TNA where we ran down weather Hulk Hogan would wrestle or not. Kevin Nash attempt to replace Taz with Mark Madden on commentary. Feelings on Jeff Jarrett losing Total Non-Stop Action then making his return to Impact Zone. Mick Foley and Vince Russo references to the Gary Shandling Show. What will happen on the January fourth show when TNA takes on WWE Raw head to head on Monday Night. All this and more on In Your Head this week!! Check it out!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Your Head 12/09/09

We were joined by Dirty Dutch Mantell who told us all about his new book available soon - The World According To Dutch. The book covers his time in Memphis, TNA, WWE, Puerto Rico and working with such people as Andy Kaufman, The Kliq, Vince Russo, Cornette, Jerry Lawler and tons more. For information on the book, Dutch's blog and the special edition book please visit:

In the post show we went over Umaga passing away. RAW with Mark Cuban and the John Cena Sheamus confrontation. TNA iMPACT with Desmond Wolf vs Kurt Angle, Dixie Carter's interview with Mike Tenay and plugging Dixie's Twitter. We also talked about Test's brain results, MVP in the Star magazine, January 4th RAW vs iMPACT and a whole lore more so check it out !!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Your Head 12/02/09

We were joined bt Ruben Zamora to discuss Masked Republic. We talked about official lucha gear, masks, shirts, the upcoming Super Luchas 2010 Tour and much more. If you're looking for custom masks or gear please contact us to get in touch. For more information on Masked Republic please visit:

We reviewed RAW, ECW and iMPACT. We talked about Sheamus, Mini-Me, Dinner Impossible, Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and tons of other randmon nonsense, what the hell are you waiting for download it and listen up !!

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