Thursday, May 20, 2010

In Your Head 05/19/10

We were joined by Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, topics included:
- Ric Rude memories
- Mid South with Ted DiBiase, Bill Watts and JYD
- The Big Blue Cage
- Atlanta Wrestling
- Sarge and The Power Plant
- Jimmy Hart
- hunting
- Iron Sheik, Vince McMahon, and tons of other stories
- Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest this June 4th and 5th in Atlanta, Ga. For more information please visit:

In the post show we took many calls and talked about:
- RAW with Buzz Aldrin's drunk off his ass
- NXT with Daniel Bryan beating up Michael Cole
- iMPACT's rape angle with Abyss and Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea
- WWE cartoon coming up
- TNA Sacrifice PPV
- Anderson's A$$holes
- tons more !!

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