Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Your Head 09/30/09

We were joined by Seven Thorn aka Kevin Thorn. We talked about his time in ECW, OVW, FCW and WWE. We went over his Mordecai and Kevin Thorn gimmicks. His planned feud with Undertaker, The New Breed vs ECW Originals, being trained by Sid, Ariel, Lance Storm, Paul Heyman and much more. For more information on Kevin's upcoming appearances please visit:

We also talked about Al Sharpton, RAW's main event with Cena and Orton, TNA, The Rock, Jim Cornette going to ROH, why he left TNA, the NWA title on eBay, Linda McMahon running for office, Lillian Garcia leaving WWE, The Warrior's lawsuit with WWE over the DVD and much more !!!

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