Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Your Head 03/18/09

We opened the show with Vin Gerard who plugged the upcoming Chikara King of Trios Tournament which takes place March 27th-29th at the ECW Arena. For more information please visit:

We were then joined by Joy Giovanni followed by Amy Weber. Both talked about the Diva Search, their heat with eachother, working for WWE, why they aren't in wrestling now, thoughts on JBL, Big Show and their upcoming fight on streaming PPV and then DVD on Friday April 10th. will be the website which will launch this weekend and include a trailer for the video, exclusive photos, and more.

For more information on Amy and Joy please visit:

In the post show we went over Monday Night RAW, Chris Jericho vs Steamboat, Snuka and Piper, TNA Destination X PPV recap, SyFy Network, the build to Wrestlemania, an update from Jai, Jack's wrestling debut and a lot more !!!

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