Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In Your Head 12/17/08

The In Your Head Crew has come back with another outstanding display of audio genius, talking about wrestling. Jack claims Orangekorn from the message board gave him a new name. Incher raises an eyebrow at the new name, Barb refuses to introduce himself unless he gets a powerful bah. We discussed Jeff Hardy as the new WWE Champion, whether he’ll have a match on WrestleMania with the belt. Much more in the pre interview segment.

Then we brought on Ron Reis formally the Yeti of the Dudgeon of Doom fame. Discussed training with Big John Studd. His time in Raven Flock and WCW, Hogan calling him for an movie role, his professional sand castle builder career and of course being the Yeti.

Post interview segment Jai brought up Christmas for the Troops, Jack engaged him in the enthralling conversation. Jack and Barb brought up their thoughts on the Shawn Michael’s JBL poor house angle and so much more it’s impossible to put into text.

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